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Hydrogen represents a great potential for reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) as well as a significant economic windfall. European countries are now investing heavily in this booming market, starting with France.


The best hydrogen actions are in high demand lately. This popularity is due in part to rising demand, improved infrastructure and optimistic studies about the future of hydrogen. These elements allowed the hydrogen stocks to explode and reach new heights.


It is undeniable that we are gradually heading towards the end of conventional engines. The slow but certain energy transition towards ecological vehicles is taking shape and is being reinforced by low emission zones (LEZ) in particular. Luck could smile on you if you manage to select the hydrogen stocks of the big winners of tomorrow.


We have built a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

While existing solutions offer to solve a single problem at a time, our team is ready to create a secure, useful and & easy to use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy integration of cryptocurrency payments and even a digital arbitration system. In the end, our goal is to integrate all businesses, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make businesses truly efficient, transparent, and trustworthy.

The 228 projects announced worldwide.

Source Hydrogen Council. There are thus today in Europe no less than 126 industrial projects related to hydrogen. Asia, which was a forerunner, has 46, Oceania 24 and North America 19. In terms of carbon-free hydrogen production programs of more than one gigawatt, there are 17 in the world. , the largest being in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Chile. Follow us in our project, and invest in our crypto-currency to grow industrial projects, consume cleanly for our planet.



At the dawn of a new year, CHDRO has revised and updated its roadmap for the year ahead.



Project design

Research with our team of our future project, website, web design, research on the future token


Website design

We have designed a secure website for the near sale of our decentralized token




Design of the white paper and sponsorship

Design and publication of the white paper, elaboration and layout and calculation of commissions for sponsorship. Airdrop preparation on our platform.


Launch of the presale of our Token ICO V1

On sale 100,000,000 tokens. You can acquire our token on our website, you just have to register and choose the amount of token you want.



Sale of our ICO V2 token

On sale 150,000,000 tokens. On the ICO V2 sale, you will find offers of tokens that you will receive free depending on your purchase.

To throw


Today we are in the design of our cryptocurrency exchange and the search for our partners. We have listed our token on Poocoin and we continue our requests to be listed on other exchange platforms

Secure your wallet

Just like in real life, your wallet needs to be secure. CHDRO makes it very easy to transfer value from anywhere and puts you in control of your money. Such functions also involve significant security risks. At the same time, CHDRO can provide a very high level of security if used correctly.

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Several methods exist to obtain a cryptocurrency. The easiest process is purchasing. However, if the cryptocurrency is too expensive, you can use other tricks to get your virtual currency. This article directs you to the different tips to get free hydrogen cryptocurrency.

Further down the site you have a page that explains how to earn free HDRO

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that offers you several opportunities such as trading or sponsorship. Indeed, you can sponsor one or more people through a cryptocurrency. By doing so, you get significant benefits. This article tells you about the process of sponsoring a cryptocurrency. Further down the site you have a page that explains how to sponsor...

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